Andeva Wellness Center

Holistic Healing of Mind, Body and Soul


Welcome to Andeva Wellness Center, a community created to assist you on your journey called life. Through true acceptance of this process is where healing occurs. Every pain, every fear, every upset, every joy, every growth is a lesson on our own individual journey. Helping one understand this process is one of our greatest joys.

Our Mission

Andeva Wellness Center is being birthed as a place to reconnect with a source that is available to all, and forgotten by many. At Andeva Wellness Center it is our mission as holistic health practitioners to provide you with a safe place to learn about yourself through education, guidance and healing. With this approach we believe one can live a healthy, peaceful, purposeful life.

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Our Services

Andeva Wellness Center offers a variety of ancient healing modalities, and natural remedies to find what works best for each individual’s personal journey on both a physical and spiritual level. With Massage Therapists, Reiki Master/Teachers, Healing Touch Practitioners, and other Alternative Therapy Practitioners, as well as several spiritual counselors - you are sure to find what you need at Andeva Wellness center

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